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  8. Solar pumps in Amangarh to end water scarcity for animals
Solar pumps in Amangarh to end water scarcity for animals

Solar pumps in Amangarh to end water scarcity for animals


Preparations are underway for the construction of two solar pumps and two water holes in the Amangarh Tiger Reserve in Bijnor. The pumps, which are expected to be constructed by two months at most, will hopefully end water scarcity for animals, and also reduce chances of the forest catching fire.

According the District Forest Officer, Bijnor, M Semmaran, the pumps, sanctioned by the forest department, will be ready before the onset of summer. This will ensure that animals don’t stray out of the forest range in search of water. The investment in the regard will come from the tiger conservation fund.

There are 13 tigers and 35 elephants in Amangarh tiger reserve, apart from bears, kakads, chital, deers, sambhars, blue-bulls and other animals.
There are 25 water holes in the Amangarh tiger reserve area. Most of them dry up in summer, forcing animals to move towards Corbett park or to Pili Dam in search of water. At times, they even stray into human habitations. It is speculated that the construction of the solar pumps will end the man animal conflict.

The forest is prone to catch fires in summer. The pumps will help put out forest fires, which engulf vast areas of the forest, killing its denizens.

M Semmaran said, “We are set to set up two solar pumps and two big water holes to put an end to water crisis in the tiger reserve. We have sent the proposal in this regard. The work will be done under tiger conservation fund.”

Semmaran further added, “It will not only quench the thirst of the animals, but also help extinguish forest fires in summer. Earlier there were no pumps as power lines are prohibited in the forest. Solar pumps, running on a different energy source, will be multipurpose. They will be set up in open areas so they could get sufficient sunlight.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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