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Solar street lighting launched in Jalukie Town

Solar street lighting launched in Jalukie Town


Solar street lighting was launched at Jalukie Town on March 25 with Parliamentary Secretary, New and Renewable Energy and Fire & Emergency Services, Toyang Changkong Chang as the chief guest.

Stating that global warming has changed people’s lifestyle drastically, the chief guest said finding clean energy is a substitute to evolve a proper life cycle. “The natural power of the sun, the wind and the water which were permanent in nature and renewable were converted into a usable energy,” he added. He cited how solar energy was enduring.

Chang also appreciated the people of Peren district for their generosity in donating land for any government programmes and projects.

Meanwhile, he stated that unless industries were set up and companies invited to invest, job creation is difficult in Nagaland as major chunk of the budget (about 70%) goes in paying salary to its employees. This, he said, is why the government is trying to set up different industries and invite companies to invest in Nagaland.

“Our individualistic approach and benefits should give ways to society’s welfare, if we are to see the light of day. Today our society seems to be fragmented because our visions were not widened,” he further stated calling upon the leaders gathered. “How big one strives for betterment of society, we will always perish, had we not changed ourselves and set our footing on positivity, understanding and co-existence. It is high time we introspect and retrospect our stance for building our society.”

Deputy Secretary, Hiazu Meru highlighted the background on how the solar street lighting project came about in Jalukie Town. He appealed to the public to make the best use of it and co-operate with the government for all such developmental programmes.

Dy. Director NRE, Er. Inaho P. Awomi highlighted various achievements of the department, including windmills and solar projects in the state since its inception in 2009-10. He stated that of the eleven districts, Peren is privileged to be the first district to be getting the solar street lighting system in the phase-II. He also explained that the phase-II solar lighting systems were costlier due to the introduction of lithium ion battery.

Ex. Dy. Chairman, Jalukie Town, Imtui Mpom expressed happiness and lauded the efforts of former CM for the project, and also assured that the citizens of Jalukie will co-operate with the department even in the days to come.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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