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Lawyers want solar panels installed atop district court complex

Lawyers want solar panels installed atop district court complex


Since Chandigarh has been selected by the central government for being developed as a model solar city, and the Chandigarh Administration has aimed at generating 100MW — both residential and government — by 2022, the District Bar Association (DBA) of Chandigarh has voluntary come forward and submitted a representation to the UT administrator for sanctioning and installing solar panels on the rooftop of the lawyer’s chamber complex. As electricity consumption in the complex is very high at present, the DBA move is indeed welcome, especially since the government is struggling to attract residents and private buildings for installing solar power.

The DBA has given details in the letter, mentioning that the District Court, Chandigarh, has approximately 3,000 advocates enrolled with the association, and there are approximately 460 chambers in the complex, along with 15 shops. It is also mentioned that each chamber is mainly occupied by three advocates, and the electricity requirement of the entire chamber complex is quite high, which is being fulfilled by non-renewable sources that are not environment-friendly. For this purpose, DBA wants a switchover to renewable sources of energy.

DBA president Ravinder Bassi said: “As the present government is promoting environment-friendly sources of energy, the installation of solar panels for generation of electricity is being encouraged. DBA believes in saving the environment, and always intends to contribute positively towards this goal. The installation of solar panels on the chamber complex rooftop will tackle the present as well as future requirements of electricity.”

The Chandigarh Renewal Energy, Science and Technology Promotion Society (Crest) has done well in the category of government buildings, but is struggling to attract residents to install solar power. So far, only around 100 solar plants have been installed in residential buildings. Last year, Crest framed building by-laws, making installation of solar power plants on new private buildings mandatory.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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