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Solar Tracker Market To Grow Significant In 2017-18, Says Report

Solar Tracker Market To Grow Significant In 2017-18, Says Report


The solar tracker market is expected to witness a rise in demand on the account of better technology alongside the green energy push of the government. According to the report ‘India Solar Demand Forecast’, Five Indian states have scaled to more than 1 GW each of installed solar capacity and are still leading the race. While majority of the projects in India use fixed-tilt structures, developers, recently, have started focusing more on the advantages of tracking technology, following the global trend. The appealing reason remains with the fact that trackers invariably help in generating more electricity through the same panels used in the fixed mount, thereby reducing the overall cost of the project, in addition to providing near constant voltage for stable power to the grid.

The report by Ganges Internationale says that it was during FY 2015 that tracker installations went beyond the fixed requirements, leading to an increase in revenue generation upto 4 times. It is now estimated that solar tracker market will experience further significant growth on the account of better technology, ultimately generating more energy and stable power output, which a fixed system will not be able to deliver. It is also believed that in India, ground mount solar installations with trackers will hopefully cross to 4GW in 2018 or 25 per cent to 30 per cent of the total installed ground installations from 6 per cent as in FY 2016.

The report also projects that the India solar industry will remain in focus with 9GW installation planned in 2017, positioning India in the big leagues along with China, US and Japan. Considering the current growth scenario, India is looked upon as the fastest growing market globally, with China, Europe and Japan to slow down in the coming times.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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