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Solaris Adds More Off-Grid Solar Power Manufacturers

Solaris Adds More Off-Grid Solar Power Manufacturers


Solaris Technology Industry, Inc., has been adding a series of new solar energy brands to its Renewable Energy Portfolio online at www.solaris-shop.com. Focusing on serving a wider market of Grid-Tie and Off-Grid customers seeking various solar energy products for their Boat, RV, Home, and Business among other sites that could benefit from turning to photovoltaic energy sources. “We found a need for serving off-grid consumers needing other Solar Energy Products that might better suit their needs with lower wattage panels and an increasing inventory of charge controllers, batteries, monitoring, racking and mounting.” said Brandi Casey, of Solaris Technology Industry, Inc. “Our focus is to have a wide variety of goods to serve more of the Renewable Energy market. We now carry nearly 100 different manufacturers for our customers. A few new manufacturers we will be carrying are: Dasol, REC, SnapNRack, Samlex, Rolls, IOTA, Ginlong, AET, among many others we are adding on a daily basis.”

Providing Specialized Products as Solutions for Those Needing Non-Traditional Systems

Our Installers and DIY Consumers can now focus on coming to Solaris for the energy solutions they need on their projects. Many people living off-grid have more difficulty and higher costs generally attempting to install Solar Power applications on their homes, RVs or Boats. The new line of products will be available for purchase through www.solaris-shop.com for both retail and wholesale markets. See all our brands here: www.solaris-shop.com/brands

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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