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Solis Shines in Uzbekistan: Advancing Solar Energy Solutions at UzEnergyExpo and UzStroyExpo – EQ

Solis Shines in Uzbekistan: Advancing Solar Energy Solutions at UzEnergyExpo and UzStroyExpo – EQ


Ginlong (Solis), a renowned manufacturer of photovoltaic (PV) inverters and the world’s third-largest player in the solar energy sector, recently made a significant impact on Uzbekistan’s energy transition strategy. The company showcased its innovative solutions at the XVII International Exhibition UzEnergyExpo and the XII International Exhibition UzStroyExpo, both of which are well-attended by experts from the energy and construction industries.

As Uzbekistan actively embraces renewable energy development, transforming households, industrial parks, and commercial buildings is a key element. Solis offers advanced technical solutions for residential, industrial and commercial projects, and large-scale ground initiatives. This time the product lineup includes the innovative S6-GR1P6K-S residential inverter, the cutting-edge S6-EH1P(3-6)K-L-PRO household energy storage inverter, the Solis-110K-5G-PRO industrial and commercial inverter, and the superior Solis-255K-EHV-5G-PLUS large-scale ground inverter. With these comprehensive solutions, households, commercial establishments, and industrial buildings can seamlessly adopt clean energy.

A notable aspect of these exhibitions was the substantial participation of foreign companies, with 70% of exhibiting companies originating from abroad. This statistic underscores Uzbekistan’s efforts to position itself as an attractive destination for investments, aligning with the nation’s comprehensive development strategy, “New Uzbekistan for 2023-2026.” This strategy prioritizes transitioning to energy-saving technologies to ensure the environmental safety of the region.

Uzbekistan has been making impressive strides in integrating renewable energy sources and energy-saving technologies, emphasizing its commitment to a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

The exhibitions brought together over 200 exhibitors from 14 countries, fostering valuable interactions among representatives from various nations, including Uzbekistan, Austria, India, Kazakhstan, Iran, South Korea, China, and more. Notably, Chinese exhibitors formed the largest contingent at the event.

These exhibitions received significant support from esteemed organizations, including the Ministry of Construction of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Uzhydronergo JSC, Uzpromstroymaterials Association, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

By showcasing its innovative solutions at these exhibitions, Solis has successfully expanded its presence and brand recognition in Uzbekistan, a market with growing potential for solar energy solutions.

Solis’ participation aligns with global efforts to achieve Sustainable Development Goals related to renewable energy, environmental sustainability, and access to clean energy. The company’s products promote a greener and more sustainable future in Uzbekistan and worldwide.

In conclusion, Solis’ participation in the UzEnergyExpo and UzStroyExpo exhibitions not only reinforces its commitment to advancing solar energy solutions but also opens doors to new markets, partnerships, and contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future, in line with global sustainability goals.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network