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Solplanet Partners with Power n Sun to Distribute Solar Energy Solutions – EQ Mag

Solplanet Partners with Power n Sun to Distribute Solar Energy Solutions – EQ Mag


Solplanet is pleased to announce its partnership with Power n Sun, a leading provider of distributed solar energy solutions in India, to provide efficient and cost-effective solar energy solutions to customers across the globe.

The partnership between Solplanet and Power n Sun will enable customers to benefit from the latest developments in solar energy technology, including high efficiency solar inverters, advanced monitoring systems, and innovative storage solutions. Solplanet and Power n Sun are committed to increasing access to renewable energy and providing customers with the best products and services available.

The partnership will see Solplanet providing a comprehensive range of solar inverter solutions, including single or three phase on-grid inverters, hybrid inverters, EV chargers and connect & monitoring solutions. Power n Sun will provide the necessary expertise and resources to ensure that customers have access to the latest technologies and products, as well as comprehensive support for installation and maintenance.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible solar energy solutions. Solplanet and Power n Sun combined experience and expertise in the industry will allow us to deliver cutting-edge products and services, such as solar inverters, batteries, and energy monitoring systems, to our customers.

About Power n Sun

Power n Sun is One stop solar Solutions, Supplies and System company supporting residential, commercial and industrial installations for on-Grid, Off-Grid and PV diesel Hybrid systems in South Asia, Middle East and Africa region. We design, supply and supervise solar projects and support Solar installations with complete solar components; Solar Inverters, Pv modules, Balance of system and solar monitoring & control solutions with the objective of maximizing value and energy yield at the least cost.

About Solplanet

Solplanet is an overseas brand of AISWEI. AISWEI is a global organization manufacturing high-quality and reliable inverters since 2007, formerly known as SMA’s China subsidiary with a broad portfolio of PV inverter products, EV charger, and energy management system.

The future is solar for everybody.

We are driven by a simple idea: solar for everybody. That’s why our products are easy to install, reliable, and user-friendly. We strive to create the best possible experience for distributors, installers, and end-users.

Solplanet – we make solar for everybody. You can depend on us.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network