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Solpower Single Axis Trackers (Designed by ViaSol)

Solpower Single Axis Trackers (Designed by ViaSol)


SPG & ViaSol together are the designers & the suppliers of Single Axis Trackers for large commercial & utility projects and have been supplying trackers to this market since 2008. We have a proven track record for supplying Single Axis Tracker for 36 MW in India & USA for Utility Scale & Rooftop PV Projects.

SPG’s current design approach is unique as it utilizes a robust fluid-power actuator system based on a common material handling, heavy equipment configuration used worldwide in dozers, dumpers, earth moving and mining machinery. All components are indigene nous off-the-shelf common industrial parts that are widely available. This low risk design approach is meant to ensure ready availability of spares and technical support in all locations where the equipment may be deployed, and is especially well suited in emerging and frontier markets of Central and South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Our design of Single Axis PV tracker is proven to be reliable & extremely cost effective, with less than 0.03% parasitic power consumption. Current market offerings for Single Axis PV trackers are highly competitive least cost option that maximizes the output compared with fixed arrays due to substantial increase in capacity utilization (CUF) factor or higher productivity.

Solpower Tracker – Highlights

– Hydraulic Fluid Power System – Ideally suitable for Dusty and Tropical Climate.

– Optimized for each size – 1 Drive can drive from 1 MW up-to 1.2 MW

– Wide misalignment tolerance – Excellent engineering, design feature to compensation for misalignment in Civil and Structure Work.

– Self-aligning connections – Special SS bearings which can take large degree of misalignment without loss of efficiency.

– SS Fasteners which ensure smooth & long lasting operation.

– Minimum Electricity Consumption – Parasitic load (self-consumption) less than 0.03% of the total generation.

– Commercial off the shelf parts (COTS) – Easily available in the market and quick to replace.

– High Accuracy, reliable tracking with Back Tracking to eliminate self-shadowing. Excellent controller with high quality software supporting time and location as per NASA Algorithm.

– Wind-load capacity 140 mph (35 mph Stow) – Takes only 90 seconds to come back to stow position in case of a wind storm.

– Wind Tunnel Tested meets US IBC & IS Standards.

– 10 Years Warranty at Site, extended life time warranty available on request.

– 1 MW DC can be done in 3.7 Acres of land.

– Bankability & Reliability study done by Burns & McDonnell, USA & FEA prepared by Proof Engineering, USA.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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