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‘State must encourage more solar power plants’

‘State must encourage more solar power plants’


Madurai: Focussing on renewable energy sources, predominantly solar energy would meet the energy needs of the world, was the message at the first energy conclave organized by the CII Madurai on Friday.

Managing director of Sun Best, Dr C Palaniappan, who delivered the keynote address said that various measures are being taken by the government to ensure that it meets the target of producing 120 GW of solar energy by the year 2022. State governments should also make policy changes to make more players to come into their regions and establish solar power generation plants, he said. “It is in the hands of the state government to make the conditions conducive to encourage more solar power plants,” he said.

Many of the speakers who have implemented energy saving technologies in their industries, said that there were many technological advancements available for saving energy at the industries and homes. There are even very successful technologies which helped to reduce the temperature inside the buildings, they said. They said that artificial intelligence and machine learning could also be used for energy-saving measures. Recycling energy sources was also discussed in detail. Building sustainable industrial energy solutions is also a must and it would go a long way in preventing emission of greenhouse gases, said the speakers. While it was easier for industries to implement energy-saving technologies, it should be encouraged for all buildings including houses, they said.

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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