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‘State pushing solar power plant, electric vehicles in a big way’

‘State pushing solar power plant, electric vehicles in a big way’


Projects prioritised in Vizag-Chennai industrial corridor: official

The government of Andhra Pradesh is taking up several solar projects, including a floating one on the Meghadrigedda reservoir near Visakhapatnam and introducing electric vehicles (EVs) on a large scale as part of its green initiatives aimed at bringing down pollution and reducing the carbon footprint.

It is tapping the Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund for the stated purpose and mobilizing financial resources from various other quarters, according to Commissioner of Industries Siddharth Jain.

He stated in a press release that for mitigating the problem of high carbon pattern of growth, sustainable transport initiatives and renewable energy production were essential. These projects were prioritised in the Visakhapatnam – Chennai Industrial Corridor (VCIC).

Accordingly, the government is expanding the scope of its electric vehicle programme and developing solar power projects which include the one being developed on a pilot basis on the Meghadrigedda reservoir.

The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation has proposed to introduce e-vehicles in its operations in order to reduce the GHG emissions.

The floating solar power plant on Meghadrigedda reservoir at Kummaripalem village is 3 MW capacity which can help in mitigating the power demand during peak hours without impacting the environment.

Safety considerations
As the project floats on water, level variation and prevailing wind speed are the primary safety considerations being taken into account. The mooring system is so designed to restrict the lateral movement of the plant and accommodate the water level variability.

In addition, it will have minimum impact on the overall ecosystem of the reservoir specifically on the flora and fauna.

The solar plants are intended to meet the growing demand for power during the sunny days and contribute to reduction in emission of GHG. Similar initiatives will be rolled out in other parts of the State.

Source: thehindu
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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