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Su-kam helped Nagaland by installing over 1000 Solar street lights

Su-kam helped Nagaland by installing over 1000 Solar street lights


Did You Know That Nagaland is Slowly Going Solar? 1000 Solar Lights Installed in Villages
Here is an interesting story about how Su-kam helped to bring light into the dark streets of Nagaland by installing over 1000 Solar street lights. This story is narrated by Mr. Zhatou, who is Su-Kam’s authorized distributor located in Nagaland. Read the full story –

Why A ‘Solar’ Street Light?

Solar power has grown over the people of India for all the right reasons. This is one source of power that can light up the most remote areas of India or the world, if I may add. Using solar power gives one the freedom to be independent from the grid supply, bringing light into rural far-flung villages that have never seen the light of day. And this is why solar is the future.

Solar-Street-LightWhat Happened in Nagaland?

Mr. Zhatou is located in Nagaland and has been Su-Kam’s loyal and authorized distributor since 4 years. Since then he has carried out a number of solar installations across Nagaland, spreading the knowledge of solar power and inspiring people to opt for solar power.

Nagaland-street-lightNagaland is an Indian state that is a mountainous state in the North region of India. This area received little to no electricity and the street lights installed there were inefficient and didn’t serve the purpose. It became a necessity to install a standalone independent solar street light in that area since the area would be covered in darkness as soon as the sun set.

About 2 years back, the local renewable energy department headed by Director Mr. T. S. Angami decided it was time for them to go solar! They then contacted Mr. Zhatou and asked him to help them install solar street lights all across Nagaland. Mr. Zhatou has installed 955 Street lights in over 30 Villages in Nagaland and helped to light up the darkest streets of these villages.

Here are the details of the solar street lights –

Technical Specifications:


Solar street light ‘SUNWAY’ – 15W
Solar panels in built in the street light – 35W
Lithium Ion batteries – 14.8V/5.2AH
Light output in Lumens – 1100
Solar charge controller – Internal
Solar-street-light-‘SUNWAY’Life After Solar Street Lights in Nagaland

After the installation we had a candid conversation with Mr. Angami (Director of local Renewable resources agency in Nagaland).

He says, ‘We have received first Prize from MNRE on the 24th Jan 2017 for installing maximum number of solar streets lights that is 955 street lights as compared to all states nationally. We want to thank Su-Kam for helping us achieve this target and being a part of a noble cause to opt for solar in Nagaland.’

Let us understand how a solar street light works –

Life-After-Solar-Street-Lights-in-NagalandHow A Solar Street Light Works?

Su-Kam’s solar outdoor streetlight ‘SUNWAY’ comes in three models. LI1(4W), LI2(9W) and LI3(15W) with lithium ion batteries and 30W/60W/80W with lead acid batteries. The LI3 model gives 31lux from 4 meters and provides excellent lighting for outdoor solutions like farms, small streets etc. These street lights have been designed to provide 30 to 50% more brightness as compared to other solar street light and within built light weight and maintenance free lithium ion batteries. This standalone street light consists of a pole, battery bank, solar panel and LED or CFL lights. During the day the solar panels convert the sunlight into electricity and stores it in batteries and during the night the street lights provides light by taking energy from the power stored in batteries.

The number of hours the street light stays on depends on your geographical area.

For this particular street light Mr. Zhatou says, ‘We expect it should be able to provide 12 hours of continuous back up with approximately 9 hours of sunlight charging. The street light will get charged during the day though solar and will run in the evening hours. The area receives enough sunlight so it should work just perfectly’.

It is our pleasure to lend a hand to the local people of Nagaland and help the people there to make their lives easier by installing solar street lights. We wish the people of Nagaland all the best with solar and Su-kam.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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