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Su-Kam launches Solar Grid-Tie inverter with low voltage

Su-Kam launches Solar Grid-Tie inverter with low voltage


To overcome low voltage and erratic power supply in India’s major cities, Su-Kam has launched the Solar Grid-Tie Inverter that can get powered by mains as well as solar energy.
With an efficiency of almost 100 percent, the IEC- certified product can withstand dust and heavy rains. It can work at a low voltage of 80 to 450 volts in DC and 150 to 280 volts in AC and would generate solar power even during low periods of sunshine.

The inverter can be connected to GSM remote monitoring application which enables a customer to monitor the system from anywhere in the world. Besides, the customer can keep a record of up to 25 years. It is equipped with an LCD screen that helps to regulate monitors with input and output voltage units of electricity.

The inverter ranges between Rs. 52000 and Rs. 86000 depending upon the capacity.

“Equipped with state- of the art technology, the product is a viable option not only for commercial establishments but also for home- owners if their state has an active net-metering policy and pays a good price to residents for feeding excess solar electricity back to the grid,” said Kunwer Sachdev, managing director, Su-Kam.

The battery-less system saves a customer from the hassle of regular maintenance. The product can also be connected to a bi-directional metre that enables the user to monitor units of electricity being fed back into the grid if there is an active net-metering policy in his state.

Source: news.webindia123
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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