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Sun Fund Americas Signs Solar PPA in Jamaica

Sun Fund Americas Signs Solar PPA in Jamaica


Sun Fund Americas identifies, invests in and develops utility scale renewable energy projects throughout the Central American and Caribbean region. These projects are executed in tandem with development partner Serenfusion Americas (www.serenfusion.com), a US based Resort/Hospitality and Residential development company carrying top class brand names. Serenfusion searches for appropriate projects for it’s investors internationally. “Our goal is to contribute to the planet’s clean energy initiatives, while creating multi-generational, highly amenitized, zero carbon footprint resort and residential destinations and communities with the finest brands on the planet,” says Frank Biden, President of Sun Fund Americas.

Sun Fund Americas is engaged in projects, and is in negotiations with governments of other countries in the region for both, its Solar and Waste to Energy development services. “We have strong partners in both PV Solar and Waste to Energy, and our resort development partner has crafted the best possible development model for green resort and residential communities,” adds Biden. “From our base in Costa Rica, we are working with several other countries to bring this combined development array in the near term. These countries will benefit from our solutions providing clean energy, and eliminating solid waste, medical waste and water treatment sludge with zero toxic byproduct while creating thousands of jobs locally.

Sun Fund Americas teams with governments and local partners and provides debt and equity financing, as well as world class brands, operators and equipment suppliers.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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