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Sun Shines Bright on Noida Metro

Sun Shines Bright on Noida Metro


The 29.7km stretch of the Noida Metro Corridor will be India’s most eco-friendly when it becomes operational in a year’s time, with a capacity to generate enough solar power to run not only 21 stations but also its offices.It reminds us of the Delhi Metro which is employing similar practices in Phase-3, but Noida is set to lead the way by becoming India’s most environment-friendly metro project because the entire stretch will use solar power.

Noida Metro has set a target of generating 12MW of solar power daily, Managing Director, Santosh Yadav said on Tuesday. To achieve this end, it is installing solar panels everywhere; from—rooftops of stations, footbridges, office building to the depot and parking space boundary walls.

Metro officials estimate the corridor’s total power consumption, excluding the electricity required to run the trains and some other crucial operational facilities, will be less than the 12 MW, the corridor collectively generates. If there is a superfluous of power, Metro will route it to the power grid and claim a discount on its power usage.”Each of the stations will be powered by its own eco-friendly energy. Rooftops of stations will be equipped with solar panels and the buildings will have LED bulbs. The two sub-stations that will supply power for trains running on the corridor will also support solar panels,” Yadav said, as reported by ToI.

The corridor, which is being built by DMRC, is using recycled concrete for construction purposes at the stations. This comes as a pleasant surprise to many who were initially skeptical about this project.Noida Metro Railway Corporation’s headquarter is going to be the first building in the NCR to be self reliant in terms of power. The project’s environmental compliance issues have been taken up under the terms and conditions issued by the State-level Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA).



Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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