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SunEdison Wins Entire 500 MW in AP at Rs.4.63


Finally SunEdison wins entire 500 MW of Projects quoting at Rs. 4.63 ($ 0.07 cents) in the 500 MW Solar Andhra Pradesh Tender. The bids started yesterday and the online reverse auction/bidding ended early morning today around 4 AM. EQ’s Editor Anand Gupta was in touch with all the leading developers who were participating in the bids. Surely the solar power is at a new low and the numbers make the headlines. Certainly the cost of Solar Power is now competitive with Coal Power…much earlier than anticipated. Observing the bidding results its very clear that many developers placed bids below Rs.5. Lets recall the bids by SkyPower in Madhya Pradesh at Rs.5 when the industry was surprised. Defenitely new sources of highly competitive capital is now available for Solar Power Development in India and developers are placing big bids on anticipated falling prices in the near future.

So Large Projects coupled with highly competitive cost of capital and further anticipation fall in prices of solar systems have brought the entire industry to these bidding results. Solar in poised to change the energy landscape in this country.

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Final Bid Prices for Andhra Pradesh Tender
S#Bidder’s NameQuoted ValueLoaded ValueDate/ Time of BiddingBidder’s QuantityDifference in %(Bid-Value vs Start-Price)
1SunE Solar B.V.4.634.6303-Nov-2015 23:20:16 RTZ1013.78%
2Yarrow Infrastructure Limited4.634.6303-Nov-2015 23:45:31 RTZ1013.78%
3FRV BV4.774.7703-Nov-2015 22:00:26 RTZ111.17%
4SBG Cleantech Limited4.794.7903-Nov-2015 21:34:56 RTZ1010.80%
5Reliance CleanGen Limited4.84.803-Nov-2015 18:23:29 RTZ1010.61%
6ReNew Solar Power Private Limited4.854.8503-Nov-2015 17:35:05 RTZ59.68%
7BRIONA POWER PRIVATE LIMITED4.874.8703-Nov-2015 16:49:32 RTZ19.31%
8ACME SOLAR HOLDINGS PRIVATE LIMITED4.894.8904-Nov-2015 00:37:55 RTZ38.94%
9Orange Renewable Power Private Limited4.94.903-Nov-2015 18:34:23 RTZ48.75%
10Fortum Finnsurya Energy Private Limited5.055.0503-Nov-2015 16:08:48 RTZ25.96%
11Solairedirect Energy India Pvt. Ltd.5.055.0503-Nov-2015 16:39:01 RTZ25.96%
13MIRA ZAVAS PRIVATE LIMITED5.075.0703-Nov-2015 15:58:37 RTZ25.59%
14Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited5.075.0703-Nov-2015 16:03:58 RTZ45.59%
15Essel Green Energy Private Limited5.125.1203-Nov-2015 15:55:54 RTZ24.66%
16ADITYA BIRLA NUVO LIMITED5.25.203-Nov-2015 16:10:33 RTZ23.17%
17PRAYATNA DEVELOPERS PRIVATE LIMITED5.25.203-Nov-2015 21:48:29 RTZ103.17%
18Marikal Solar Parks Pvt Ltd5.255.2503-Nov-2015 15:23:58 RTZ22.23%
19Hero Solar Energy Private Limited5.255.2503-Nov-2015 16:25:33 RTZ22.23%
20ENEL Green Power Development B.V.5.335.3303-Nov-2015 14:58:57 RTZ10.74%
21Energon Soleq India Power Resources Pvt. Ltd.5.365.3603-Nov-2015 16:03:53 RTZ100.19%
22JSW Energy Ltd5.555.5503-Nov-2015 15:27:25 RTZ1-3.35%
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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