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Sungevity Installs Sunpreme Bifacial PV Panels at UC Berkeley’s Jacobs Hall

Sungevity Installs Sunpreme Bifacial PV Panels at UC Berkeley’s Jacobs Hall


Jacobs Hall is the brand new home for University of California, Berkeley’sJacobs Institute for Design Innovation in the College of Engineering. The building was built to embody the values of the institute itself: “a place to explore, a place to connect and a place to learn design innovation by doing design innovation.” Now, it has an advanced bifacial solar PV solar system, too. The cutting edge solar system with Sunpreme Bifacial PV panels will do more than just help the Institute control its electricity bills — it will provide environmental benefit of having PV solar installed and is on track to receive one of the highest levels of LEED Certification for green building.

The solar system is roof-top mounted, commissioned in Q1 2016, and is the largest solar array on the University of California, Berkeley campus. Sunpreme offers advanced bifacial technology that allows PV Panels to absorb light from both sides, increasing energy yield (kWh per kWp) further, and ideal for extreme and challenging environmental conditions. These double glass GxB310, 60 Cell panels have 21.5% efficient cells are designed for reliability – frameless that need no grounding, have a low thermal coefficient of -0.28%/C and high sensitivity to low lights.”We chose Sunpreme Bifacial PV Panels for their double glass technical solution, proven product reliability and outstanding aesthetics. Sunpreme has demonstrated that it is a reliable partner with innovative and high quality products, and professional customer support,” said Andrew Birch, Sungevity’s Chief Executive Officer.

“We at Sunpreme are proud to partner with Sungevity and University of California, Berkeley in a trend-setting capacity for the solar market in sophisticated urban settings. We are spearheading the transformation of PV solar installations from purely utilitarian function to artistic roof-top designs that add beauty to the function. Our symmetrical double glass panels are visually appealing even from the underside looking up, while delivering PV power at the highest levels by empowering the sun from all directions,” said Ashok K. Sinha, Chairman and CEO of Sunpreme. “We have designed-in reliability that lasts and overlaid upon this foundation, bench-mark Performance of our proprietary thin-film Hybrid Cell Technology, and competitive Cost thanks to an intelligent lean manufacturing process that leverages the Moore’s Law as previously learnt by the LCD flat panel display industry,” added Sinha.

“We are privileged to have partnered with Sungevity in making Sunpreme Advanced Bifacial PV Panels available to prestigious University of California, Berkeley’s Jacobs Hall. We congratulate their commitment to high quality standards and the milestone achieved. It is very rewarding to enable significant operational savings while inspiring students with the great potential solar power,” said Surinder S. Bedi, Executive Vice President for Global Quality & Reliability, System Products and Market Development at Sunpreme. “Our clients depend on cutting edge technology and financial returns for 30 years or more. By focusing on advanced and smart technologies we are able to collaborate and demonstrate outstanding system performance, robust product reliability, and lifetime yields with one of the best warranties in the industry. We look forward in continuing to provide best-in-class customer experience,” added Bedi.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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