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Sungrow and Samsung Officially Launch Energy Storage Partnership, Sungrow-Samsung SDI

Sungrow and Samsung Officially Launch Energy Storage Partnership, Sungrow-Samsung SDI


Sungrow, the world’s largest PV inverter manufacturer, announces the official start of operations of Sungrow-Samsung SDI Energy Storage Power Supply Co.,Ltd at a ceremony in Hefei, China.

The $170 million (USD) joint venture between Sungrow and Samsung is able to provide complete Energy Storage System (ESS) solutions incorporating lithium batteries, Power Conversion Systems (PCS) and Energy Management Systems (EMS), that can reach an annual capacity reaching up to 2000MWh.

“The requirements of a sustainable energy future continue to drive the renewable energy market forward. The energy storage market is expected to be a key area where Sungrow is to expand its business based on close cooperation with Samsung,” said Professor Renxian Cao, president of Sungrow. “Sungrow has always been committed to technical innovation, and we have strong faith in our ability to build benchmarks in the global energy storage market.”

The joint partnership has started quickly, with two energy storage contracts being signed at the opening ceremony, with planned capacities of 10MWh and 8MWh respectively. “Sungrow leads the inverter industry with its cutting-edge technology. We have strong confidence on Sungrow’s energy storage system solutions, especially after their announced partnership with Samsung. Sungrow’s product benchmarks have repeatedly proven how their products outperform those made by other companies.” said one of customers signing the contract.

About Sungrow
Sungrow is the world’s leading PV-inverter manufacturer with over 20GW installed globally. Founded in 1997 by the University Professor Renxian Cao, Sungrow is the global leader in research and development in solar inverters, with numerous patents and a broad product portfolio offering solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. With a 20-year track record of growth and success, Sungrow’s products are available in over 50 countries, and have maintained a market share of over 30% in China. In 2015, Sungrow successfully occupied a over 20% market share in Germany. Currently, Sungrow tops the world with PV inverter shipments of 2015 reaching up to 8.9GW. Learn more about Sungrow by visiting http://en.sungrowpower.com/

About Sungrow-Samsung SDI

Sungrow-Samsung SDI Energy Storage Power Supply Co., Ltd.is a joint venture between Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. and Samsung SDI Co., Ltd. Committed towards development and manufacturing of Integrated Energy Storage System solution, including core components such as Power Conversion System(PCS), Samsung SDI Li-Ion battery bank and Energy Management System, Sungrow-Samsung SDI provides turnkey Energy Storage System solutions to meet various energy demand and applications. So far, Sungrow-Samsung SDI’s products and solutions have been successfully applied to hundreds of domestic and overseas projects, assisting in primary frequency regulation, and solving the electricity supply problem in remote areas to an inordinate extent.

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