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Sungrow brings together industry leaders in Bangkok, Thailand


Sungrow,one of the worlds leading PV-inverter manufacturers, have just concluded a forum held in Bankok, called “Embracing the Thailand PV Industry; Enjoying the Future’ The event was held at the Hotel Peninsula, on Oct.26,2015 in. The event is bought together government agencies, project developers, investors, financing institutions, EPC’s and global leading suppliers and other industry experts.

Since entering the Thai market early this year, Sungrow has signed more than 200MW’s of PV inverter supplying contracts, and expects to be the No. 1 PV inverter supplier in Thailand. The event was enabled key industry figures from companies such as local developer Super Energy to worldwide leading developer SunEdison, to discuss the development of PV and how they could all work together to achieve the great potential, there is in Thailand and in South-East Asia in general.

“This is a well-prepared networking event for Southeast-Asia market. Thailand has become one of the most promising countries for PV industry development in SEA region. We’re honored to be able to invite these important industry professionals, friends and partners to this event. I hope everyone can have a further understanding of the market dynamics, technology trends as well as advanced PV plant design concepts after Forum Sungrow 2015.” Said Prof. Renxian Cao, founder and CEO of Sungrow.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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