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SunPower by Infinity Solar Partners with Venture Home Solar


SunPower by Infinity Solar, a leading solar panel design, engineering and installation company serving the NY/NJ area, recently announced that it has now partnered with Venture Home Solar, a solar panel installation company serving New York City and located in Brooklyn, NY. The partnership will provide premium solar panels, high-quality solar installations, and fulfillment with renowned customer service and efficiency to the entire New York metropolitan area.

SunPower by Infinity Solar was the first SunPower Master Dealer on the East Coast and now Venture Home Solar customers will benefit from Infinity’s expertise as the market’s premier solar installer. SunPower solar panels lead the industry in panel efficiency, durability, and carry an unparalleled bumper-to-bumper 25-year warranty.

“This partnership is beneficial for both Infinity Solar and Venture Home Solar on a multitude of levels,” said Murphy Panagiotou, co-founder and co-owner of SunPower by Infinity Solar. “Not only will clients in the New York Metro area be receiving the best products and service, but they will also see a significant cost savings. It’s a win-win for both companies as well as the consumer,” he continued. “By working together, we can give customers the best long-term investment and customer experience.”

“Venture Home Solar will be a turnkey residential solar provider as a result of the partnership with SunPower by Infinity Solar,” said Alex Yackery, co-founder of Venture Home Solar. “The Venture team brings a breadth of experience in the NYC solar market while Infinity brings best-in-class installation to the table,” he continued. “Pairing Infinity’s managing members with Venture, the team brings over 30 years of solar experience and is now the leading rooftop solar provider in New York City. This improves our value proposition to customers in pricing, quality and service.”

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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