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Sunrun Solar Prepared for Predicted Big Year in Solar

Sunrun Solar Prepared for Predicted Big Year in Solar


With a lot of discussion around climate change, it comes as no surprise that property owners are putting their money where their mouth is by making the switch to solar.

It also shows in the latest data from the industry’s governing body.

MELBOURNE, Australia : The most recent Quarterly Carbon Market Report from the Clean Energy Regulator stated that 7 gigawatts of new renewable energy capacity were delivered across Australia last year, thanks to the efforts of solar installers like Sunrun Solar.

This beats the Regulator’s original estimate (6.3GW) quite significantly.

With the demand for renewable energy only set to increase, so too will the vital need for high-quality solar panels in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, as well as provincial cities and regional towns. That means clean energy providers should be on their toes, ready to meet all their customers’ needs.

To put the data into perspective, more than 350,000 small-scale solar systems were installed in 2020 across Australia, up 25% from 2019. Larger system installations were also up 40% from 2019. In regards to solar batteries, there were 2,677 installations that occurred during the time the solar panels were installed, and that is up 22% from 2019.

With the demand for solar panels growing, the cost of solar will continue to drop, meaning more households and businesses can not only justify solar but will be able to afford it.

Businesses such as Sunrun Solar, established solar panel installers in Melbourne, are already helping residential and commercial customers to reduce their energy costs through solar system installations. They’ve found that the attitudes of many Australians in relation to solar and other renewable energy have changed, as reflected in the Quarterly Carbon Market Report.

On average, Australia has added more than 6 GW of new renewable capacity each year. The report also showed that Australia met its Renewable Energy Target of 33,000-gigawatt hours, and the Regulator predicts this could reach 40,000 GWh by 2021, with growth expected to continue into 2022.

With changing attitudes around renewable energy and cheaper solar energy options available, Sunrun Solar expects that more homes and businesses will continue to turn to solar panels in Melbourne and across Australia.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network