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Sunsure Commissions one of the Largest Rooftop Solar Power Plants in Haryana

Sunsure Commissions one of the Largest Rooftop Solar Power Plants in Haryana


One of the largest single rooftop solar PV power projects in Haryana with a capacity of 550 kW was inaugurated in Rohad, Bahadurgarh on 1st September. The project set up in Merino Panel Products Ltd. (MPPL) was synchronised last month and has been successfully generating clean power since then. Bahadurgarh is one of the leading industrial areas in the country and home to some of the prestigious Indian industries.

Chairman of the group Shri C. L. Lohia is a big believer in the potential of solar energy and is making all efforts to go green as part of MPPL’s business strategy. Today, about 15% of MPPL’s power requirements are met from Solar Energy. Shri Lohia said, “Apart from environmental benefits, going solar also makes a lot of commercial sense for industries. A unit generated from solar costs around Rs 4 per unit as compared to industrial tariff of Rs 7 or more. Low maintenance and payback period of 2-3 years makes this an extremely viable investment.”

The plant was engineered by Sunsure Energy Pvt. Ltd – a Delhi-based company providing rooftop and ground mounted solar solutions to industries and utilities in India. The company is run by young entrepreneurs from IIT Delhi and IIT – BHU. Sunsure has won accolades from top industries in the country for the seamless experience provided through its ‘concept to commissioning’ approach. Shashank Sharma, Director and CEO Sunsure said, “We are a technology oriented company with strong focus on innovation. Our customers benefit from our experience in engineering, quality acumen and our absolute commitment to solar. When clients choose Sunsure, they know they are in very good hands. Impressed by our work, our client Merino Industries has already chosen us as the solar partner for their Hapur and Hosur facilities as well. We are installing close to 1.5 MW for the group.”

On the company’s plan for coming year, Rajiv Kulshreshtha, Director Sales and Marketing said, “The solar space in India is rapidly expanding and the company is successfully operating in 6 states across India. We plan to expand this to 10 states soon. We have also signed a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement as an independent power producer for supplying 4 MW solar power to the government of Karnataka.” Sunsure claims that its young team of entrepreneurs under the guidance of industry experts helps in making them better, faster and more competitive than others. While there are many companies competing in the space of solar power implementation, the company highlights quality of services as its differentiating USP. Shantanu Faugaat, Director and COO, said with great pride, “Our assurances of quality is evidenced by the solar power generation of this 550 kW scale plant inaugurated, with our power generation being 10%-12% higher than solar plants already set up by other companies within Merino premises itself.”

Source: PRNewswire
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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