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Sustainable Energy And Cities At WFES

Sustainable Energy And Cities At WFES


“Renewable energy and cities” was the theme of high-level meetings held on the side lines of the World Future Energy Summit. These thematic meetings discussed priorities for a New Urban Agenda and developed policy recommendations in advance of the Third UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III). The event resulted in thematic recommendations that will be considered an official input to Habitat III.

Some conclusions drawn during the day were that cities were often more ambitious than national governments in renewable energy targets and that educating citizens in renewables is integral in implementing policies.Regarding technology, the options already exist in heating, cooling and transport sectors, according to Dr. Willfried Wienholt of Siemens S.A.E and Juliette Daniels, CDP, who showed renewable energy and efficiency examples in numerous cities.

Some practical reforms and solutions for creating sustainable cities were presented throughout the day:

“We need the 4 “P’s”: private-public and people partnerships. We need inclusivity of the government and the private sector.” – Omur Akay, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, CH2M

“Governments should be an active part in creating economically active urban areas, ensuring a continuous return back to the public sector. Universities have done this for centuries.” – Anthony Mallows, Director, Masdar City

“In Africa, we need regulations and standards that do not allow cars in the town centre, nor for short journeys. These policies exist and are good lessons.” – Zitouni Ould-Dada, Head of Technology Unit, UNEP.

“The Fully Renewable, Zero-Carbon City?” Panellists (from left to right): Dolf Gielen, Director IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre, Bonn; Juliette Daniels, Cities Manager (EMEA), CDP; Christine LIns, Executive Director, REN21; Dr. Willfried Wienholt, SVP Strategy and Business Development, Siemens S.A.E. and Oliver Knight, Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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