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Swiggy Partners with EV Logistics Startup EVIFY to build an electric delivery ecosystem in Gujarat – EQ Mag Pro

Swiggy Partners with EV Logistics Startup EVIFY to build an electric delivery ecosystem in Gujarat – EQ Mag Pro


Swiggy and EVIFY – a tech enabled EV logistics platform has come together in Surat, Gujarat to help Swiggy- the food delivery giant go completely electric and opt for a sustainable way of delivery. Aims to Cover 80% of prime areas of Surat for last mile delivery.

EVIFY is the first electric logistics partner of Swiggy in Gujarat. EVIFY and Swiggy’s partnership aims to enable food and grocery delivery through electric vehicles in the city of Surat. This partnership is aligned with Swiggy’s proof of concept to cover carbon reduced deliveries through EVs in the coming years. Under this partnership, EVIFY will be responsible for offering a full stack EV delivery infrastructure including delivery personnel, charging infrastructure as well as EVs with tech logistics support.

The collaboration is a green initiative aimed at conserving the environment by significantly reducing carbon emissions, and the progression to EVs is a vital step in that direction. The number of fleet sizes with Swiggy at the moment is between 20-25 covering prime locations in Surat. EVIFY will also take charge of extra Electric vehicles as backup. The platform has set up a charging hub for Swiggy in the middle of the city for charging and parking of EVs. Battery swapping is also possible at this hub to provide more up-time to the electric vehicles.

Talking about the collaboration, Devrishi Arora, Founder, EVIFY said, “We are excited to embark on the “green journey” with Swiggy. This partnership will enable Swiggy to deliver better while also saving the planet. We are thrilled that Swiggy and EVIFY represent and share the same vision of making green deliveries possible in every city in India. The use of EVs for deliveries is also expected to reduce delivery operations cost by up to 40%.”

Swiggy has been on a massive green mission for some time, its recent collaborations with EV players in 2Ws, battery charging and swapping infrastructure is in line with their ambitious plans of switching completely to EVs by 2025. Swiggy aims to cover 8 lakh kilometres a day in EVs by 2025 and cut down vehicle running costs by 40 percent. Partnering with EVIFY comes at a time when Swiggy wants to strengthen its hold in tier 2 tier 3 cities for food/ grocery deliveries.

Talking about this partnership, Vinay Kumar, Cluster Operation Head, Swiggy (Sales & Operations, Gujarat) said, “Saving the planet is the need of the hour. At Swiggy, we are happy to take a step towards sustainability. With EVIFY, we plan to deliver our food through Electric Vehicles and do our bit for the society”.

EVIFY’s goal is to lead and transform India’s D2C/FMCG/E-commerce last mile delivery to be electric and environment benign. Throughout the process, they hope to improve the EV value chain through ethical practices that emphasise equality and sustainability. The company also intends to use solar power to charge their EVs and to begin Green Warehousing in the future. EVIFY has already achieved 1,25,000+ green kms and 30,000+ green deliveries through March 31, 2022, thereby saving approx 10,000kg Co2 emission in the environment.

In near future, EVIFY is hoping to expand this partnership to other cities such as Vadodara, Ahmedabad, and Rajkot. With a focus on hiring women driver partners, technology support for client partners, and a conscious effort to go carbon negative, the platform is eyeing towards reimagining the EV logistics landscape. EVIFY intends to upscale its platform more extensively by adding Geofencing, customised BMS, telematics, client insights and driver & fleet management.

Source: PTI

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network