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Systems International Announces Two Power Plants

Systems International Announces Two Power Plants


HIGHLANDS, Texas : Systems International, Inc. (“Systems”) announces it has two ready projects for the patented ZEROS Technology System. ZEROS (Zero-emission Energy Recycling Oxidation System) produces carbon-free electricity, distilled water and other marketable by-products using a diverse array of fuel sources (municipal waste, industrial waste, agricultural waste, used tires, oil storage tank sludge, among others).

The plants will be in Chambers County and Liberty County, Texas. These plants have no smokestack, no carbon emissions, air or water emissions and capture approximately 1.5 million tons of carbon oxides annually. Each plant qualifies for the new section 45Q tax credits for carbon capture. Each plant will be funded by $650 million of taxable private activity bonds underwritten by Wells Fargo Securities and a private equity component of $150 million utilizing the section 45Q credits. Section 45Q credits will be useful for financing for carbon capture technology, as decarbonizing the industrial sector becomes necessary in confronting climate change.

The bonds are issuable by the Gulf Coast Authority in Texas. The ZEROS technology was invented by Steve Clark based on his experience as one of the foremost international authorities to the oil and gas industry for fire control and suppression. The ZEROS technology has been validated by third parties and utilized in hundreds of consulting engagements.

The carbon free electricity is baseload and sustainable. Mr. Clark said, “ZEROS now enters the national dialogue concerning new power generation. Natural gas has limitations even though it produces baseload power. Wind and solar are intermittent and not baseload. Our electricity will be utility grade and very marketable. The ZEROS process has significant commercial advantages over conventional coal or natural gas-fired generating technologies and other alternative energy technologies. We can completely destroy and delist a variety of hazardous and toxic waste which we will use as fuel sources for electricity.”

A ZEROS plant receives expedited permitting via “Permit by Rule” and qualifies for pricing advantages under the Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act (PURPA) for smaller power generators. The plants will produce 120MW of baseload power, 20 million gallons of distilled water a day and captured carbon oxides for sequestration or enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Additional plants are in planning stages for 2020-2021.

SOURCE Systems International, Inc.
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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