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Battery Tech Startup Sila Nano Secures $45 Million, Now Has 3 Former Tesla Employees

The battery material we’ve developed will directly impact consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and eventually grid storage. Much of what’s possible in innovation, design and overall advancements for consumer electronics and electric vehicles is reliant on the capabilities of battery chemistry. Better battery chemistry equates to better performance: range, acceleration, cost, charge time, for cars; and […]

China to ‘dominate recycling and second life battery market worth US$45bn by 2030’

While recycling of lithium and other materials such as cobalt from batteries will greatly increase in the coming years, the potential availability of second life batteries should not be underestimated, according to new research and data. Hans Eric Melin, an expert on the lifecycle management of lithium batteries with UK-headquartered consultancy Circular Energy Storage, previously […]