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Banks Will No Longer Finance Fossil Fuels

Neutrino Energy Stems the Tide of Disaster BERLIN : The Neutrino Energy Group is the world’s preeminent developer of neutrino energy technology. With CEO Holger Thorsten Schubart at the helm, this partnership of American and German organizations seeks to solve today’s fossil fuel crisis with the power of neutrinos. Banks Will No Longer Finance Fossil […]

Berlin to offer €200 mn to Dhaka for development projects

Two agreements were signed between Bangladesh’s economic relations secretary Monowar Ahmed and German ambassador to Bangladesh Peter Fahrenholtz recently for provision of €200 million by Germany to Bangladesh for development projects. An amount of €172 million will be available as financial cooperation and €28 million for technical cooperation. Projects for renewable energy and energy efficiency […]

Germany Africa Business Forum announces multi-million Euro funding commitment to invest in German-African energy startups

The Germany Africa Business Forum (GABF) brings together Africa’s foremost executives with German companies, investors and innovators with the aim of driving change. BERLIN : The Germany Africa Business Forum e.V. (“GABF”), whose goal is to strengthen investment ties between Germany and Africa, announced it has, in collaboration with private partners from the energy industry, […]

SaltX aims to compete with pumped hydro’s economics as 10MWh pilot launches

Electrical and heat storage using specially nanocoated salt (NCS) could be economically competitive with pumped hydro, SaltX has said, with a large-scale demonstration facility inaugurated in Berlin, Germany. Headquartered in Sweden, SaltX has been “working with salts for 15 years”, the company’s marketing director Eric Jacobson told Energy-Storage.news today. This specific application for the salt-based energy storage […]
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