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Volkswagen Goes All-in on Electric Cars for the Next Five Years with €73 Billion Investment

Ten billion Euros may not suffice when vying for EV supremacy. Case in point, Volkswagen indicated during its latest five-year strategic meeting that it will raise its funding for EV R&D to €73 billion, the breakdown of which is as follows: €35 for BEV development, €27 for digital transformation, and €11 for HEV development. VW’s […]

5,534 three-wheelers registered since electric vehicle policy launch in Delhi

Tesla Stock Could Be Worth $100 Billion More Thanks to One Thing: Batteries

Credit Suisse analyst Dan Levy increased his price target for Tesla stock to $400 from $280 Wednesday, a 40% jump that works out to more than $100 billion in additional market value. His reasoning is simple: batteries. Tesla (ticker: TSLA)—which currently has a market cap of more than $418 billion—will host its highly anticipated battery […]

Morrow Batteries Is Taking Its First Steps to Norwegian Gigafactory