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India can still be part of climate deal – EQ

In Short : India has the potential to remain a participant in climate agreements. This suggests that there is room for India to engage in international efforts to address climate change, emphasizing the importance of the country’s role in global climate initiatives and the possibility of continued collaboration for sustainable and responsible environmental practices. In […]

Uttar Pradesh govt looks to utilise water bodies for floating solar farms -EQ

Draft COP27 climate deal shows inaction on loss & damage funding – EQ Mag

New Delhi : A formal draft of an UN summit’s climate deal that came out on Friday makes no mention of India’s call for phase down of all fossil fuels. The draft showed little progress on key issues like loss and damage funding, adaptation fund replenishment and a new collective quantified goal on climate finance. […]

COP28 faces debate over controversy-mired carbon credits

Factbox: U.S. climate deal has money for EVs, clean energy and even Big Oil – EQ Mag Pro

After years of failed attempts to pass major legislation to combat climate change, the U.S. Senate’s Inflation Reduction Act is poised to become largest U.S. climate legislation in history. The bill would divert nearly $370 billion to climate and energy security measures, aimed at slashing greenhouse gas emissions around 40% by 2030 and curbing consumer […]

Central America’s Solar Revolution and the Rooftop Revolution in the U.S. -EQ