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Tesla’s next-gen Roadster will exceed 1,000 km of battery range, says Elon Musk

When Elon Musk unveiled the next-generation Tesla Roadster back in November 2017, he shocked the electric car community by revealing that the all-electric supercar has a range of 620 miles per charge. That’s 1,000 kilometers between charges. The figures are pretty much insane, even by today’s standards. There are now indications that the next-generation Tesla […]

Doing it for the kids – the future of energy

There has always been conflict between the generations. But throughout history, this has been the exception rather than the rule: whatever generational differences there have been, they have failed to affect the course of human progress. But we should not invest too much trust in the inevitability of such progress – especially not when younger generations seem […]

Tesla’s Vision Of An EV + Solar + Battery Storage Future Now Becoming Industry Norm

Part of investors’ fascination with Tesla has long been the company’s focus on the evolution of manufacturing hardware and software. The plan to integrate energy generation and storage — to “create stunning solar roofs with seamlessly integrated battery storage,” as described in Master Plan, Part Deux — has also provided allure. Sure, the Tesla acquisition […]