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Charting the global energy landscape to 2050: Emissions – EQ Mag

At the end of COP27, concerns are growing that a 1.5º Pathway is getting out of sight. Our latest Global Energy Perspective offers important insight on how temperature increases vary across scenarios. As world leaders and corporate representatives have returned from COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, a major challenge remains to bend the curve of global […]

Capacity allocation under RfS for Selection of Solar PV Module Manufacturers for Setting up Manufacturing Capacities for High Efficiency Solar PV Modules in India – EQ Mag

Australia can slash emissions 81 pct by 2030 using six existing technologies, report says – EQ Mag Pro

Australia could slash its emissions by 81 per cent by 2030 – almost double the 43% target recently legislated by the federal government – using little else but “off the shelf” technologies, a new report says. The Beyond Zero Emissions report argues that the vast bulk of Australia’s emissions reduction task can be met by […]

83% Asian SMEs say ESG is high priority but only 37% have roadmap – EQ Mag

Electric vehicle and ‘compact’ city combo could reach emissions targets – EQ Mag Pro

It’s not about people moving – it’s about bringing those better transportation options to people wherever they live,” she said. ROADBLOCKS Still, even gradual changes to city design and zoning laws can generate massive political blowback – as with hastily installed road barriers designed to make space for walking and cycling in London during an […]

Hyundai Ioniq 5 enters India Book of Records for fastest EV drive – EQ Mag

G20 make commitments to reach carbon neutrality, end coal financing abroad – EQ Mag Pro

The G20 reaffirmed past commitments by rich nations to mobilize $100 billion annually to help poorer countries. However, it failed to set a target for phasing out domestic coal use. Rome : Leaders of the world’s biggest economies made a compromise commitment Sunday to reach carbon neutrality by or around mid-century as they wrapped up […]

Record new wind capacity to be installed by 2027 – industry report – EQ Mag

Laws Proposed to Set Emissions Standards For Power Generation Companies in Singapore – EQ Mag Pro

The move will help to reduce emissions from this sector even as Singapore researches emerging low-carbon technologies. SINGAPORE : Singapore is considering setting green standards for power generation companies here, as part of the county’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. Under proposed changes to the Electricity Act, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) will be […]

83% Asian SMEs say ESG is high priority but only 37% have roadmap – EQ Mag

Power Generation Capacity

Power Generation Capacity As on 30.06.2021, the Installed Generation Capacity is 384115.94 MW comprising of 234058.22 MW of Thermal, 46322.22 MW of Hydro, 96955.51 MW of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and 6780 MW of Nuclear. The details of the future generation capacity plans and targets for clean power are as under: (i) Conventional power generation […]

Sunnier days help solar projects improve their performance this fiscal, says report – EQ Mag

Japan Boosts Renewable Energy Target For 2030 Energy Mix

The country’s revised basic energy strategy leaves unchanged its target for nuclear power, even though the country has struggled to return the industry to its former central role after the Fukushima disaster of 2011. Japan will raise its target for renewable energy in the country’s electricity mix for 2030 as it pushes to cut emissions […]

83% Asian SMEs say ESG is high priority but only 37% have roadmap – EQ Mag

South Korea Proposes Cutting Emissions 40% By 2030

The coal-reliant nation will need to pivot quickly to renewable energy under the government’s proposed new climate target. South Korea’s ruling party has proposed a target to cut greenhouse gas emissions at least 40% by 2030, compared to 2017 levels.It is a significant increase in ambition for the coal-reliant Asian economy but does not match […]

83% Asian SMEs say ESG is high priority but only 37% have roadmap – EQ Mag

Indonesia Can’t Afford the Luxury of Australia’s Carbon Habit

If you want to understand why Indonesia seems to be turning its back on fossil fuels faster than its richer neighbor Australia, you could do worse than look to the wit and wisdom of David Lee Roth. “I used to have a drug problem,” the hard-living Van Halen singer is supposed to have once said. […]

83% Asian SMEs say ESG is high priority but only 37% have roadmap – EQ Mag