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This Interactive Chart Shows Changes in the World’s Top 10 Emitters

A lot has happened since countries met in Paris in 2015 and agreed on an accord to combat climate change. So far, more than 189 countries ratified or otherwise joined the Paris Climate Agreement, representing more than 81% of global greenhouse gas emissions and 93% once the United States rejoins. Additionally, 19 countries — including United States, Japan, Canada, Germany and […]

US-China tensions threaten global climate change efforts

China Can Grow its Economy Through Stronger Climate Action

President Xi Jinping surprised the world in September 2020 by announcing to the UN General Assembly that China will aim to peak its carbon emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. A new WRI report finds that China can peak its emissions as early as 2026 and realize enormous economic benefits over the long term […]

US-China tensions threaten global climate change efforts

Covid-19 contributed in 2.5 years’ worth fall in emissions: BNEF report

The report attributed the current fall in emissions to build-out of wind and solar power, the uptake of electric vehicles and improved energy efficiency across industries. The New Energy Outlook (NEO) 2020 by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) indicated, the drop in energy demand due to the coronavirus pandemic would remove 2.5 years’ worth of […]

IEX power market update for February 2021

Australia to invest $13 billion in energy technology to cut emissions

The technology investment roadmap is the latest attempt by Australia, the world’s top coal and gas exporter, to come up with a climate and energy policy after 13 years of wrangling over carbon prices and emissions targets. MELBOURNE : Australia plans to invest A$18 billion ($13 billion) over the next 10 years in technologies to […]

New Plans Reveal How China’s Grid Is Prepping for Net-Zero Carbon

Australia backs BP’s study to produce hydrogen from wind, solar

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency said on Friday it would provide A$1.7 million ($1.1 million) toward the A$4.4 million feasibility study, part of a push by the government to make the country a major producer of hydrogen by 2030 MELBOURNE: BP Plc has won Australian government backing for a feasibility study into producing hydrogen using […]

New Plans Reveal How China’s Grid Is Prepping for Net-Zero Carbon

Repsol starts building first solar farm with workers spaced apart

Traditionally fossil fuel-focused European energy firms are buying or building clean energy plants as part of ambitious targets to cut global emissions MADRID: Construction teams have started building oil and gas firm Repsol’s first solar plant, observing strict distancing measures due to the coronavirus, the company said on Wednesday. Traditionally fossil fuel-focused European energy firms […]

Poland sees energy transformation costing $120 billion by 2045

500 electric cabs of ‘Evera’ to hit Delhi roads this month

Prakriti E-Mobility, a start-up based in New Delhi, on Friday announced that it is introducing ‘Evera’ a fleet of 500 app-based electric vehicles (EV) cabs in the pollution-hit Delhi-NCR this month. With a plan to scale it up to 5000 EVs within two years, Prakriti will be partnering with EV manufacturers to offer a brand-new […]

Fuel price hike results in increased sale of e-vehicles

Commentary: Is government support for EVs contributing to a low-emissions future?

The value of government incentives rose by 72%, but smart policy will be needed to avoid booms and busts, and encourage continuous reductions in average EV prices. Encouraged by rising government support, global spending on electric vehicle (EV) purchases grew more than 70% in 2018 to USD 82 billion, with USD 52 billion of this […]

Fuel price hike results in increased sale of e-vehicles

Which energy storage technology is going to power Australia’s future?

Recent events in Australia indicate a growing appetite for renewable energy and energy storage in the energy sector. Pumped hydro, thermal energy storage, hydrogen—which form of storage will reign supreme Down Under? New regulations and a growing share of renewables are changing the way the electricity market operates in Australia, opening up a playground for […]

Greece’s IPTO, Sunlight to join hands in 20-MW energy storage pilot – report