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Photovoltaic Industry Price Trend: Price Pressure Derived from the Continuous Bargaining

Polysilicon Polysilicon quotations continued to rise this week owing to the actuation of sporadic orders, and partial businesses have begun negotiating for April orders. A numb sporadic orders continued to increase in prices this week thanks to the support coming from the demand, and downstream businesses have propelled the conclud prices of transactions to guarantee […]

Harnessing the Power of Algorithms in Solar Photovoltaic Technology: Unveiling the Secrets of PV Parameters – EQ

Covid-19 contributed in 2.5 years’ worth fall in emissions: BNEF report

The report attributed the current fall in emissions to build-out of wind and solar power, the uptake of electric vehicles and improved energy efficiency across industries. The New Energy Outlook (NEO) 2020 by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) indicated, the drop in energy demand due to the coronavirus pandemic would remove 2.5 years’ worth of […]

Tata Power-DDL records summer peak power demand of 2035 MW in North Delhi – EQ

Jamaica aims to boost its power sector with renewable energy projects

Jamaica which depends on fossil fuel for its energy sector has performed well to lower its oil dependency. It is estimated that Jamaica to reduce its oil dependency to 50 per cent in 2019. Jamaica aims to give a boost to its energy sector with a plethora of initiatives that include new energy policy, funding […]

Central America’s Solar Revolution and the Rooftop Revolution in the U.S. -EQ