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Improving EV Charging Infrastructure For All: Takeaways From GreenBiz Group’s VERGE 22 – EQ Mag

The transportation industry is on a fast track to contribute to the ambitious goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. Widespread electric vehicle (EV) adoption is moving farther beyond early adopters with each new driver and fleet that goes electric. An issue putting this momentum at risk, however, is an inconsistent and […]

Elon Musk takes a dig at Joe Biden, advises him to just buy a Tesla – EQ Mag

Stepping On The Gas With Hydrogen Policy – EQ Mag Pro

In the last five-six years, we have seen a massive surge in renewable energy installations across the world, to the extent that it has evolved as the mainstream energy option. It seems now as far as climate change is concerned, it is all about gasses. On the one hand, we have greenhouse gasses (GHG) such […]

Prototype Corolla Cross Hydrogen Concept Highlights Toyota’s Multi-Path Approach To Zero – EQ Mag

How Hydrogen Combustion Engines Can Contribute to Zero Emissions

Hydrogen combustion engines can leverage existing technologies and provide a zero-emissions option for specific use cases while supporting the growth of hydrogen infrastructure. Regulators are tightening emissions rules for on-highway trucks in many of the world’s largest markets (Exhibit 1). From 2030 onward, regulators in Europe will require manufacturers to cut CO2 emissions for new […]

Prototype Corolla Cross Hydrogen Concept Highlights Toyota’s Multi-Path Approach To Zero – EQ Mag

EY-FICCI Identifies Over 600 ‘Shovel-Ready’ Low Carbon Investment Opportunities

The project pipeline has the potential to accelerate ~INR 2 Lakh crore of equity and ~INR 4 Lakh crore of project finance debt. More importantly support close to ~15 lakh fresh jobs in the immediate future New Delhi : EY in collaboration with FICCI, released a report today titled, “Accelerating post-pandemic economic recovery with clean […]

Portugal ends mandatory environmental assessments for green hydrogen projects – EQ Mag

Peaking and Net-Zero for India’s Energy Sector CO2 Emissions

Overview This CEEW study is the first-of-its-kind exercise to outline multiple pathways for India to attain net-zero emissions, rather than fixating on a single scenario or a single year. The study focuses on insights related to four alternative scenarios: 2030 peak–2050 net-zero, 2030 peak–2060 net-zero, 2040 peak–2070 net-zero, and 2050 peak–2080 net-zero. It also highlights […]

India achieves 166GW of renewable energy capacity till October – EQ Mag

National governments can reap $12 trillion in returns, create millions of new jobs, reduce emissions through low-carbon investments in cities

New report from the Coalition for Urban Transitions spotlights six emerging economies to demonstrate how cities can be engines of COVID-19 recovery, shared prosperity, and climate action. Aims to inspire action by other national governments ahead of critical COP26 summit in Glasgow. LONDON — A new report from the Coalition for Urban Transitions finds that […]

ACORE Comments on EPA’s Request for Information on the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund – EQ Mag