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Hyundai strengthening EV presence with innovative products, says GlobalData

Following the news that South Korean auto giant Hyundai is promoting its new electric car Ioniq 5, which has bidirectional charging technology and can power home appliances; Bakar Sadik Agwan, Senior Automotive Consulting Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her view: “Hyundai has marked itself as a leader in EV technology […]

Fisker And Bridgestone Unite Sustainability Ambitions With Partnership on Groundbreaking Fisker Ocean Electric Vehicle

Energy storage systems to pave the way for the next phase of the energy transition, says GlobalData

In the electricity distribution sector, investment in energy storage systems (ESS) creates long-term reliability and resilience. ESS are used to store energy for later use. ESS serves as a crucial hub for the entire electricity grid, right from managing power during peak load periods, enabling energy management and boosting the quality and reliability of power […]

BHP Taps TransAlta Renewables to Build Solar Farms And Battery Storage

SPG’s $250m investment plan shows long-term attractiveness of Brazil solar market, says GlobalData

Solar Provider Group (SPG) has announced that it is planning to enter the Brazilian solar market with an investment of $250m over the next five years. SPG is looking for local development partners in Brazil, as well as corporate buyers of energy. With its financing, structuring, engineering and development expertise, SPG is looking to build […]

Coal Power’s Trilemma Variable Cost, Efficiency and Financial Solvency