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Companies form initiative to scale up green hydrogen production

“Green” hydrogen is a zero-carbon fuel made by electrolysis, using renewable power from wind and solar to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. LONDON: Seven companies, including developer ACWA Power and Spanish utility Iberdrola , have formed a joint initiative to scale up production of “green” hydrogen in the next six years and bring down […]

Hyundai to build China factory as part of hydrogen vehicles push

The first green hydrogen plant that maximizes the use of existing infrastructure in Spain will start operations in Amorebieta in 2022

White Summit Capital, Castleton Commodities International (CCI), Nortegas, SENER and Bizkaia Energía will launch the first green hydrogen plant in Spain with a capacity of 20 MW, which will maximize the benefits of existing infrastructure in Amorebieta (Biscay), giving the project a superior speed and competitiveness. The goal is to generate 1,500 tons of green […]

Hyundai to build China factory as part of hydrogen vehicles push

Investment in green hydrogen production set to exceed $1billion USD by 2023, According to IHS Markit

London: A future for “green hydrogen” is becoming clearer. Annual global investments in green hydrogen – hydrogen production powered by renewable sources – are now expected to exceed $1billion USD by 2023. The elevated investment outlook is attributed to falling costs and policy support from governments looking to shift towards low carbon economies. Operating capacity for splitting water […]

Hyundai to build China factory as part of hydrogen vehicles push

Green Hydrogen in Natural Gas Pipelines: Decarbonization Solution or Pipe Dream?

Hydrogen blending projects across the world must contend with engineering, energy-density and supply challenges. Can carbon-free hydrogen augment, or even replace, the fossil natural gas running through pipelines to fuel furnaces, boilers, stoves and other building applications today? Or will the effort get bogged down in challenges related to pipeline safety and upgrade costs, loss […]

Hyundai to build China factory as part of hydrogen vehicles push

Has the day in the sun finally arrived for green hydrogen and fuel cells on China’s road to attain carbon neutrality by 2060?

Fuel cells could make up 10 per cent of China’s energy consumption by 2050, according to the projection by the China Hydrogen Alliance, an industry guild. Bernstein puts it at 11 per cent To reach that goal, China is aiming to have 1 million fuel cell vehicles on the roads by 2030, served by 1,000 […]

Hyundai to build China factory as part of hydrogen vehicles push

MHI to Invest in Green Hydrogen & Green Ammonia in South Australia

TOKYO: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has agreed to make a capital investment in H2U Investments, the holding entity of the H2U Group. The H2U Group includes The Hydrogen Utility (H2U), the leading Australian developer of green hydrogen and green ammonia projects using power derived from renewable energy sources. The agreement also includes MHI’s support […]

Daqo New Energy Reiterates its Stance Against Forced Labor and Calls for Rational and Responsible Dialogue

How green hydrogen could change the renewables landscape

RECAI 56: The public and private sectors are focusing on green hydrogen’s potential to enable decarbonization, but it needs demand and supply-side support to scale up. In brief Green hydrogen could be a viable emissions-free alternative to fossil fuels and other forms of hydrogen, if costs fall and production efficiency is improved. Creating demand at […]

Advisory on rooftop solar scheme

Chemicals Giant Ineos Targets the World’s Cheapest Green Hydrogen

Ineos’ experience using giant electrolyzers for chlorine production could be the foundation for a low-cost green hydrogen business. It seems everyone wants to get in on the ground floor when it comes to green hydrogen. Utilities and oil majors both have a head start with their mixture of renewable power capacity, gas transmission assets and […]

Advisory on rooftop solar scheme