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Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd. Made Semi All Solid-State Lithium Ion Battery with Li7La3Zr2O12 (LLZO) and Ionic Liquid Based Electrolyte

KAWANISHI-CITY, Japan: Climate change is caused by human activity and population explosion, and is becoming a serious issue because of the increase in greenhouse gasses such as methane and carbon dioxide (CO2). Replacing petroleum consuming cars with hybrid, electric, and fuel cell cars is one of the ways to reduce CO2 emissions from automobiles. Also, building a smart-grid […]

Green Science Alliance to Supply Cathode Material for Lithium Ion Battery with Detailed Electrochemical Technical Analysis Data

KAWANISHI, Japan: Recently, environmental problems including global warming and climate change are becoming serious issues worldwide.  These problems are mainly caused by the increase of greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon oxide (CO2), accompanied with human population explosion. So that to suppress emission of CO2 from automotive, development of hybrid cars, electric cars and fuel cell cars have […]
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