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China must commit to battery recycling in electric vehicle boom: Greenpeace

SHANGHAI :  – China needs to step up the recycling and repurposing of batteries for electric vehicles in order to ease supply strains and curb pollution and carbon emissions, environmental group Greenpeace said on Friday. Though the deployment of electric vehicles is an important environmental initiative, the manufacturing of batteries is energy- and carbon-intensive and […]

Hyundai Motor Group pushes for project to reuse waste EV batteries

Germany, Britain call for ‘green recovery’ from pandemic

Schulze suggested that one way to do this would be to help care workers buy electric vehicles for house calls. “These are many, many vehicles,” she told The AP. “It would help the economy and it would move us forward (in curbing emissions)” BERLIN: Germany and Britain said Monday that efforts to revive the global […]

Scatec ASA receives regulatory approvals related to acquisition of SN Power

Chinese internet firms falling behind on renewable energy goals – Greenpeace

SHANGHAI: China’s internet firms have fallen behind global peers in sourcing energy from clean, renewable sources, with soaring use of internet data driving up energy demand and carbon emissions, environmental group Greenpeace said in a report on Thursday. As capacity rises rapidly, the internet data sector could account for a third of total global power […]

Eugene Zhukov Appointed ADB Director General for Central and West Asia

Jamaica aims to boost its power sector with renewable energy projects

Jamaica which depends on fossil fuel for its energy sector has performed well to lower its oil dependency. It is estimated that Jamaica to reduce its oil dependency to 50 per cent in 2019. Jamaica aims to give a boost to its energy sector with a plethora of initiatives that include new energy policy, funding […]

Investors storm into alternative energy funds ahead of Biden presidency