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Hydrogen fuel of future, vehicles will run on green fuels in coming years: Gadkari – EQ

In Short : Nitin Gadkari envisions hydrogen as the fuel of the future, indicating that vehicles will increasingly run on green fuels in the coming years. This forward-looking perspective underscores India’s commitment to sustainable transportation and reducing carbon emissions, aligning with global efforts towards a greener future. In Detail : Begusarai (Bihar) : Hailing hydrogen […]

Assam aiming to produce 3 000 mw of solar power by 2027 CM – EQ


Hydrogen fuel is promising, and while there’s plenty of hydrogen in the air and water, the problem is extracting it. Researchers have developed a way to use aluminum nanoparticles to rip hydrogen out of water with no additional energy input. It does, however, require gallium to enable the reaction. The reaction isn’t unknown, but the […]

Nine Years Series: National Hydrogen Mission – EQ Mag

MP: Gadkari stresses on use of hydrogen fuel to reduce dependency on imported petroleum products – EQ Mag Pro

Indore : Union Minister Nitin Gadkari on Thursday said to reduce the dependency on imported petroleum products, the country should march towards running trains, airplanes, vehicles and factories on hydrogen fuel. Gadkari was delivering a lecture on the topic, “Atmanirbhar Bharat ki aur badte kadam” organised by Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalay here. “Today, we can […]

Assam aiming to produce 3 000 mw of solar power by 2027 CM – EQ

Hyundai recalls 2019 Nexo models due to possible hydrogen fuel leak, fire risk – EQ Mag Pro

Hyundai has recalled 54 units of the 2019 Nexo hydrogen-fuel-cell powered crossovers over the possibility of fuel leakage capable of causing the car to catch fire. Hyundai has issued a recall for 54 units of the 2019 Nexo hydrogen-fuel-cell powered crossover because of possible Hydrogen leaks, which can cause fires. The recall is applicable for […]

Nine Years Series: National Hydrogen Mission – EQ Mag

OIL signs incubation agreement with Hydrogen Fuel related Start-up – EQ Mag Pro

Shri Sushil Ch. Mishra, CMD, Oil India Ltd. briefed that OIL is committed to the development of innovative & path-breaking technologies in the field of clean energy. New Delhi: Oil India Limited (OIL) signed an Incubation Agreement with the Start-up Ohm Clean Tech Private Limited for the Design, Integration, and Development of a 9-M Hydrogen […]

NLC India expects power demand to grow by 9% annually; targets ₹15,000 crore FY25 revenue – EQ

Railways Invites Bids For Hydrogen Fuel-Based Technology For Diesel-Run Trains

Indian Railways invites bids for hydrogen fuel-based tech for trains. Bids have been invited by Indian Railways’ Green fuel vertical- Indian Railways Organization of Alternate Fuel (IROAF) for Hydrogen Fuel Cell-based Train on the rail network. Indian Railways takes another big step to become eco-friendly mode of transport! To reduce Green House Gas (GHG) emission […]

SECI Issue Tender for Setting up of Grid-Connected Solar PV Projects with Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in Lakshadweep under RESCO Mode – EQ

Abu Dhabi plans three-pronged Abu Dhabi Hydrogen Alliance to export hydrogen for fuel

So-called green hydrogen, created by splitting water into its two components using electricity from renewable energy sources, is increasingly viewed as a fuel of the future to reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels. DUBAI: Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, has agreed on a deal to produce and export hydrogen as fuel, […]

Construction of 5 solar parks underway across Iran -EQ

Ferrovie Nord Milano to receive hydrogen fuel cell trains from Alstom

Amounting to approximately €160 million, the order is for six hydrogen fuel cell trains, with the first train delivery expected within 36 months. Approved by the board of Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM), the leading public transport group in the Italian region of Lombardy, Alstom will supply them with six hydrogen fuel cell trains, with the […]

SNEC 2024|Sineng Electric Leads The Future of Green Technology – EQ

Researchers Develop Water-splitting module a source of perpetual energy

‘Artificial leaf’ concept inspires research into solar-powered fuel production Rice University researchers have created an efficient, low-cost device that splits water to produce hydrogen fuel. The platform developed by the Brown School of Engineering lab of Rice materials scientist Jun Lou integrates catalytic electrodes and perovskite solar cells that, when triggered by sunlight, produce electricity. […]

A global solar transition could leave Africa in the shade -EQ

IIT-M develops eco-friendly way to produce hydrogen fuel from seawater

Using this technology hydrogen can be produced on-demand at the point of use, and hence it need not to be stored. Researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras have developed a technology that can be used to generate hydrogen fuel from seawater, an advance that may contribute to a cleaner energy future. Using […]

Assam aiming to produce 3 000 mw of solar power by 2027 CM – EQ