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Massachusetts Storage Market Imperiled by Requirement to Buy New Utility Meters

Should solar customers have to pay for a new meter to measure their generation, or is their own smart inverter good enough? Massachusetts rolled out a new incentive last year to spur solar and energy storage adoption, but installers are worried that a technical requirement could foil the goals of the program. The Solar Massachusetts […]

Biden Injects Hope In Renewable Energy Supporters

Northeastern States Primed to Be the Next Major Energy Storage Market

Where the challenge was once a lack of profitable storage opportunities in the Northeast, now the trick is keeping up. Here’s GTM’s handy guide. Northeastern states have enacted a dizzying array of policies to promote energy storage development alongside the growth of renewables over the past few years. Where the challenge used to be a […]

Biden Injects Hope In Renewable Energy Supporters

New York’s Energy Storage Incentive Could Spur Deployment of 1.8GWh

The Empire State has charted a path that would transform it into a top-tier global storage market by 2025. Energy storage companies now can apply for $280 million in incentives allocated by New York’s state government. Gov. Andrew Cuomo made energy storage a key pillar of his strategy to secure 100 percent carbon-free electricity by […]

Salt-based energy storage trial taps “first-class” Australian technology

New York allocates $280 million in incentives for energy storage projects

New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that $280 million of support is available for energy storage projects to accelerate growth within the industry and drive down energy storage deployment costs to build a sustainable and affordable market. This funding is part of a $400 million investment to achieve New York’s nation-leading energy storage […]

Salt-based energy storage trial taps “first-class” Australian technology

Spain’s Renewables Industry Applauds New Payment Scheme

Renewable energy investors could finally get the policy certainty they have been begging for—if the proposal passes. Spain’s renewables industry is celebrating proposed legislation that could provide plant owners with guaranteed income for up to 12 years. The regulatory framework would give renewable energy plant owners the option to stick with their current level of […]

Poland sees energy transformation costing $120 billion by 2045