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Lithium producers must wait as pandemic slows electric vehicle revolution

The holdup will result in a shortage of the white metal available for EV batteries when markets rebound, warned industry analysts, executives and consultants JOHANNESBURG/HOUSTON: The coronavirus pandemic has paused the electric vehicle revolution, forcing producers of battery metal lithium into survival mode with output cuts, expansion delays and sales of major assets. Lithium industry […]

New electrode material developed to increase charge capacity of lithium batteries

Lithium batteries hold a lot of promise for the future of many applications, including electric vehicles, but tend to be prohibitively expensive, according to a team of researchers based in Japan. That team, led by Naoaki Yabuuchi, professor at Yokohama National University, has developed a new electrode material to make lithium batteries not only cheaper, […]

Lithium extraction should be sustainable

In our efforts to make the planet cleaner, we cannot repeat the mistakes we made with fossil fuels Air quality has been drastically deteriorating in most parts of the world. While there are multiple contributing factors, emissions from energy production and vehicular emissions continue to be the primary pollutants. The solution seems simple — move […]

Lithium Australia enters energy storage market with DLG partnership

  Soluna Australia has been established to sell lithium-ion batteries and Soluna energy storage products into the Australian renewables energy market. Lithium Australia NL (ASX:LIT) has entered the energy storage market after completing formalities for joint battery marketing operations with China-based battery and energy storage specialists DLG Group. The partners have established a 50:50 incorporated joint […]

Argentina’s lithium producers hopeful as Fernandez set to take power

Fernandez, a member of the Peronist party that has supported more economic intervention by government, defeated business-friendly incumbent Mauricio Macri in last month’s election LOS ANGELES: Argentina’s lithium producers are cautiously optimistic that President-elect Alberto Fernandez’s incoming administration will not restrict capital flows or set other policies that could hamper their ability to supply the […]
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