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Mini Just Made EV Charging a Whole Lot Easier — Here’s How

A cunning plan to combine charging options could help counter range anxiety for the Mini Electric If you’ve got designs on buying a Mini Electric then your decision-making might have just been made easier, especially when it comes to charging. That’s thanks to a new scheme which will allow Mini E owners to use a […]

Grants to Add 88 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Across the State

Mini perovskite solar panels with 18.4% efficiency

They described the special panel in “Design of Perovskite Thermally Co-Evaporated Highly Efficient Mini-Modules with High Geometrical Fill Factors,” which was recently published in Solar RRL. It has an active area of 6.4 cm2 and is based on co-evaporated methylammonium lead iodide (MAPbI3). “MAPbI3 thin films with an optimized thickness of 750 nm,” researcher Annalisa […]

Energy Policy: Supporting Low Carbon Transition in Asia and the Pacific