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Navigant Research Report Shows Global New Power Capacity Additions of Utility-Scale Energy Storage Are Expected to Experience a 35% Compound Annual Growth Rate

The emergence of solar plus storage projects is the most important trend seen in the global industry in the past 2 years BOULDER, Colo.: A new report from Navigant Research examines the market drivers, challenges, key trends, and growth projections for the global utility-scale energy storage (USES) industry, with forecasts for power capacity (MW), energy […]

Navigant Research Report Shows 1,955 GW of Solar PV Is Expected to Be Installed Between 2019 and 2028, Generating $2,035.6 Billion in Revenue for the Industry Globally

China and the US continue to shape the global solar PV market, with exciting growth across new emerging countries BOULDER, Colo.: A new report from Navigant Research presents a forecast of installed capacity, system prices, application segments, and revenue for the global solar PV (SPV) market through 2028. The global market for annual solar PV […]

Navigant Research Expects Annual Added Capacity from Distributed Energy Storage Systems Worldwide to Grow Nearly Twentyfold by 2028

Primary growth drivers include cost declines, government incentives, and increased solar PV integration BOULDER, Colo. : A new report from Navigant Research provides market forecasts for newly installed distributed energy storage systems (DESSs) in terms of power capacity, energy capacity, and revenue across 26 countries. The distributed energy storage industry has seen significant growth over […]

Navigant Research Report Shows Lithium Ion Battery Prices Are Expected to Fall at an Average Annual Rate of 6.5% for the Next Decade

Growing demand for stationary energy storage and a resulting increase in manufacturing is driving down battery costs BOULDER, Colo.: A new report from Navigant Research examines pricing trends and issues driving growth for energy storage technologies. The report provides pricing forecasts for large format lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries used in both grid storage and EV […]

Vestas Reclaims Position as Top Global Wind Turbine Manufacturer in 2018, According to Navigant Research

Shifts in OEM rankings reflect an industry plateau created by increased cost pressures and competition from solar BOULDER, Colo.: A new report from Navigant Research tracks wind turbine OEM market distributions and market shares by region and country. In 2018, global installed wind power capacity decreased year-to-year from 52 GW to 50.6 GW, due to […]

Navigant Research Report Shows PEV Sales Are Estimated to Represent 27% of European Vehicle Sales in 2030

Battery innovations, government policies, and energy economics are contributing to a growing market BOULDER, Colo.: A new report from Navigant Research analyzes the European market conditions and country-level policies for plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), providing sales and population forecasts of major European countries and regions by PEV powertrain type through 2030. With PEV sales on […]

Navigant Research Report Shows Global New Capacity Deployments of Distributed Energy Resources Are Outpacing the Deployment of New Centralized Generation Capacity

Impact on incumbent utility revenue will become more pronounced as deployments of distributed generation, plug-in electric vehicles, and demand response gain more traction BOULDER, Colo.: A new report from Navigant Research provides capacity and revenue forecasts for 12 leading distributed energy resources (DER) technology markets globally. The global electric power industry is facing a transformation […]