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Trump Gets Manufacturing Win as Hanwha Q Cells Opens US Solar Factory

The country’s largest solar production facility officially opens Friday in Georgia, with the Trump administration expected to be in attendance. A representative of the Trump administration and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp will converge on Dalton, Georgia on Friday to celebrate a U.S. manufacturing win, as Hanwha Q Cells officially opens its solar module manufacturing facility […]

Jigar Shah Has $40 Billion. What Will He Do With It?

California’s Community Choice Aggregators are Filling the Gaps in EV Charger Investment

CCAs haven’t invested as much as utilities in EV charging infrastructure. New state grants for Silicon Valley CCAs, munis will help close the gaps. California’s community-choice aggregators are increasingly taking utility customers and signing big renewable energy deals. But CCAs have not matched the billions of dollars of EV charging infrastructure investments being made by […]

The Lithium Gold Rush: Inside the Race to Power Electric Vehicles

US Solar Executives Break Down the Odds of an ITC Extension

The chances of an ITC extension have improved, though it still looks like an uphill battle, solar executives say. With the end of 2019 approaching, the impending phase-down of the federal Investment Tax Credit is top of mind for solar executives. Unlike the ambivalence within the wind industry about an extension of its Production Tax […]

Jigar Shah Has $40 Billion. What Will He Do With It?