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Renewables growth did not dent fossil fuel dominance in 2022-Statistical Review – EQ Mag

LONDON : Global energy demand rose 1% last year and record renewables growth did nothing to shift the dominance of fossil fuels, which still accounted for 82% of supply, the industry’s Statistical Review of World Energy report said on Monday. Last year was marked by turmoil in the energy markets after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, […]

Breaking News : e-RA for 1200 MW ISTS- Connected Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Projects (SECI-Trance-VIII) – EQ

India’s electricity shortage erased by renewables growth – EQ Mag

LONDON : India’s electricity transmission system passed the difficult post-monsoon period this year with far less stress than in 2021, following a major effort to improve coal stocks and a big expansion of renewable generation capacity. There was no repeat of the widespread blackouts which plagued many parts of the country in late September and […]

Brookfield eyes $5 bln for UAE-backed climate fund – EQ

German climate plan envisages more investment, renewables growth

BERLIN : Investment by German industry should rise by an extra 9.3 billion euros ($10.19 billion) to 2030 under the government’s climate plan, boosting total economic output by half a percentage point, according to a draft seen by Reuters on Thursday. The plan, implementing the landmark climate deal reached by coalition parties last week, envisages […]

Role of prosumers in renewable energy adoption in India – EQ

Renewables growth: India seeks $5-bn bids in transmission lines

New Delhi: India will launch $5 billion of transmission-line tenders in phases, beginning in June, to route a targeted 175 gigawatts (GW) of power from renewable sources into the country’s grid by 2022, the secretary at the ministry of renewable energy said. India, the world’s third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, has pledged to cut emissions […]

Breaking News : e-RA for 1200 MW ISTS- Connected Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Projects (SECI-Trance-VIII) – EQ