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Research shows how electric vehicles’ impact on grid can be minimized – EQ Mag

Massachusetts: According to some projections, the widespread use of electric vehicles may need the construction of costly new power facilities to satisfy nighttime peak demands According to new research, strategically locating EV charging stations and implementing mechanisms to commence charging at later time might reduce or eliminate the need for new power plants. National and […]

Wind energy sector set to surge five times on policy tailwinds: CRISIL – EQ Mag

Why It’s Time to Officially Get Over Your EV Range Anxiety – EQ Mag

New research looks at driving patterns, EV range and charging times, and comes to some surprising conclusions that should put consumers’ minds at ease. Electric vehicle batteries keep getting larger, and the typical driving range between charges keeps growing. The shift is partly a response to “range anxiety”—the fear of being stranded because EV batteries […]

EV charging infra firm CHARGE+ZONE- raises $54 mn in Series A1 led – EQ Mag

Research: Solar panels on agricultural land are suitable for wildlife habitat – EQ Mag

Melbourne : Australia’s renewable energy transition has fuelled the construction of dozens of large-scale solar power projects (PLTS). Although this trend reduces the dependence of Kangaroo Country on fossil fuels, the construction of PLTS also increases the need for land to install solar panels. The same trend has also occurred in Indonesia, which has begun […]

Wind energy sector set to surge five times on policy tailwinds: CRISIL – EQ Mag

Research: Exploring ways to harness plant molecules for solar energy – EQ Mag

Washington [US] : The current solar panels aren’t very efficient as they are only able to convert up to about 20 per cent of the sun’s energy into electricity. As a result, to generate a lot of electricity, the panels require a lot of space–sometimes leading forests to be cut down or farms being replaced. […]

Wind energy sector set to surge five times on policy tailwinds: CRISIL – EQ Mag

New research shows porpoises not harmed by offshore windfarms – EQ Mag

Paris (France) : Researchers in Scotland have developed a tool to help ensure porpoises are not being harmed by the construction of offshore wind farms, which are crucial for scaling up renewable energy globally. The pile driving required to build offshore turbines can harm or even kill noise-sensitive marine mammals like porpoises, sparking concern among […]

Wind energy sector set to surge five times on policy tailwinds: CRISIL – EQ Mag

Research extends the lifetime of molecules in organic flow batteries to practical values: Harvard School of Engineering – EQ Mag Pro

Researchers at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Cambridge, have developed a new method to dramatically extend the lifetime of organic aqueous flow batteries, improving the commercial viability of a technology that has the potential to safely and inexpensively store energy […]

The race to decarbonize electric-vehicle batteries

Climate action on CO2 emissions alone won’t prevent extreme warming: study – EQ Mag Pro

To control climate change, the world must go beyond cutting carbon dioxide emissions and curb lesser-known pollutants such as nitrous oxide playing a key role in warming the planet, new research suggests. Decades of global climate discussions have focused on CO2 emissions, which are most abundant in the atmosphere. The common goal of reaching “net-zero” […]

Scatec’s net zero climate targets approved by Science Based Targets initiative – EQ Mag

New Electric Vehicle Charging Research Could Allow Drivers to Power Their Cars as They Drive on the Highway

Researchers at Cornell University are developing technology that can charge an electric car while its in motion. US highways could embed the roads with metal plates that charge the cars as they drive over them. The project is about five years away from a roll out, but can already power most electric vehicles.What if you […]

EV charging infra firm CHARGE+ZONE- raises $54 mn in Series A1 led – EQ Mag

DOE Launches Design & Construction of $75 Million Grid Energy Storage Research Facility

Grid Storage Launchpad at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Will Accelerate Energy Storage Innovation, Boost Clean Energy Adaptation and Grid Resilience WASHINGTON, D.C: The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced the beginning of design and construction of the Grid Storage Launchpad (GSL), a $75 million facility located at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) in Richland, Washington […]

ESY SUNHOME Takes New Energy Storage Solutions in K.EY 2023 and Expands Presence in Europe with German Office Opening – EQ Mag

CPSU Kabankalan holds training on solar-powered water system

AS WATER is a vital element of life and an essential component for a healthy and productive community, initiatives are being undertaken by the Research and Extension Office of Central Philippines State University in Kabankalan City to let this basic need be enjoyed by the people concerned. Seeing this predicament being experienced by the households […]

Pacific SOE Commercialization can Support Decarbonization, Climate Change Mitigation — ADB Report – EQ Mag