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EnerMAN Surpass1.1GWp of IoT SCADA installation for Solar PV plants and Rooftops

We are delighted to announce the great achievement of deploying our IoT Based AI/ML Driven SCADA productETi-SOL® to Monitor, Control, Analyse and Forecast Energy Generated from Solar PV Plants and Rooftops for over 1.1GWp (1100MWp) size in 6(six) countries. Our Success provesthat there is always a market for good product, which is reliable, customizable,easy to […]

RattanIndia Power expects to become debt-free in two years – EQ Mag Pro

Bengaluru rooftops can generate 2500MW solar power: Survey

BENGALURU : Rooftops of 1.4 lakh buildings have the potential to generate 2,500MW of installed solar capacity, according to a Bescom survey using aerial light detection and ranging technology. The survey was carried out across 1,176 sqkm in the city. Only 205MW capacity of SRTPV (solar rooftop photovoltaic) has been installed till July 2019 in […]

RattanIndia Power expects to become debt-free in two years – EQ Mag Pro

Installation of solar power plants on rooftops in Haryana: HC issues notice to Centre on plea by micro, small enterprises

Three applicants firms challenged several conditions mentioned in the tenders flouted by UHVPN/DHVPN regarding the installation of solver power plants on the rooftops in residential areas throughout Haryana in 2019. Accepting the writ petition of three Haryana-based micro, small enterprises firms working in the field of installation of Solar Power plants on rooftops, Punjab and […]

NCL illuminated 80 state-run Healthcare centers with solar energy with 2.41 crores – EQ Mag Pro