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EnerMAN Surpass1.1GWp of IoT SCADA installation for Solar PV plants and Rooftops

EnerMAN Surpass1.1GWp of IoT SCADA installation for Solar PV plants and Rooftops


We are delighted to announce the great achievement of deploying our IoT Based AI/ML Driven SCADA productETi-SOL® to Monitor, Control, Analyse and Forecast Energy Generated from Solar PV Plants and Rooftops for over 1.1GWp (1100MWp) size in 6(six) countries.

Our Success provesthat there is always a market for good product, which is reliable, customizable,easy to use, and backedby quickcustomer supportservice from professional team, who can understand and are always ready to solve customer problemat affordable price.

Our in-houseHardware, Firmware and Software team based in Bangalore hascreateda Made in India products for Global Market (Vocal for Local To Go Global) in line with ourvision of providing “Innovative solutions to Save Energy and Reduce Carbon footprint”.

Our parent company Avi Solar team has been providing O&M service for over 2.5 GW plants from past 5 years for leading Developers in India.In the year 2016, ourO&M team and developers were struggling to get Local PLC based SCADA data to headquarters to analyze the plant performance and generate useful reports (DGRs, Weekly Reports, Monthly Reports). Leased line (BB) connectivity to remote plant was achallenge, and repair of damaged communication cable during rainy season was taking time, hence we have developed IoT Hardware (ETi-LOG Data logger) to send plant data using 2G/3G/4G directly to cloud, and option to store the data in data logger to avoid data loss due to any communication problem.

We have also seen many Global players SCADAlicense was not renewed by developersdue to high annual license fee, and poor service support from Global players in repairing nonfunctional SCADA forced O&M team and developers to manually collect the plant data for Performance analysis and reporting. We tried to address this problem byoffering products at affordable price, and quick installation and service support.

Our Retrofit solutions contributes to big chunk of our deployment by replacing leading Global companies SCADA with our IoT SCADA.

We have been addressing all types of customer needs like Local Monitoring, Remote Monitoring, data storage in Cloud servers or Own Servers provided by Developers, Equipment data collection through wired network or RF network within the plant, Monitor and Control of Plants, Energy Forecasting, provide plant data to SLDC, PPC (Power Plant Controller), customized dash boards, customized reports,Products access using web and Mobile Apps (Android and iOS) …etc

Our product is installed and tested from 50KW size rooftop to 350MW single utility plant. We are working on developing advance analytics using AI/ML to provide valuable inputs to Developers on Plant performance and recommended actions to improve the performance and reduce the breakdowns and energy/revenue loss.
We are confident in taking our made in India products toGlobal market in coming years.

We thank our customers for trusting newcomers like us and partnering with us in creating great products.


Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network