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Bihar Elections: India’s First Solar-Powered Village Now has a Defunct Power Station

No one in Bihar’s Dharnai uses solar power anymore as the solar microgrid has been out of order for a long time and the power station buildings are being used as animal shelters by locals. Dharnai(Bihar):  “Solar jaisa kuch bhi nahi bacha hai yahan, sab khatam ho gaya” (There is nothing like solar power here, everything […]

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Solar microgrid – A game-changer for India’s rural electrification and transformation

Solar micro-grid is an innovation that can power the remotest parts of India with clean energy that can now eradicate energy poverty. Almost everyone understands energy security but not as many when it comes to energy poverty. More than 800 million people or nearly one out of every seven in the world today don’t have […]

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