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Morocco’s ‘Second’ Sun is Protecting Our Planet by Capturing Solar Energy. Here’s How it Works

The Noor project, near Ouarzazate, has become the largest solar energy capture plant on the African continent. It supplies one million Moroccan households with electricity day and night. Energy Observer Solutions met with Youssef Stitou, Noor Project Manager, to explain how this essential innovation for the energy transition works. A few kilometres outside Ouarzazate, an […]

The Start of the Top Dutch Solar Racing in Morocco

South Korean artificial sun sets world record, runs for 20 seconds at 100 million degrees

A SOUTH KOREAN fusion device has set a new world record with the “artificial sun” maintaining a 100 million C stream of plasma for 20 seconds. The Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research or KSTAR has taken a major leap forward in the development of a working nuclear fusion reactor. Unlocking the power of nuclear fusion […]

Tencent Tops Greenpeace Clean Energy Rankings for China Big Tech

Harnessing the Sun

Aligning agendas of G20 countries and the International Solar Alliance will help improve energy access, facilitate spread and adoption of new energy technologies, Energy access has continued to remain an important pillar of energy sustainability negotiations at the G20. Continuing this tradition, G20 negotiations under Saudi Arabia’s presidency this year recognised the importance of off-grid […]

The Start of the Top Dutch Solar Racing in Morocco

Sun soon to rise on southeast Asia’s largest solar farm in Vietnam

The 14-trillion-dong ($593.22 million) facility in Ninh Thuan province is scheduled to start power generation in the fourth quarter this year, the company said in an emailed statement. HANOI: Vietnamese private firm Trung Nam Group said on Wednesday it will at the end of this month start building a 450-megawatt solar farm in central Vietnam […]

Tencent Tops Greenpeace Clean Energy Rankings for China Big Tech

Sun is India’s biggest asset, solar energy should be fully utilized for running EVs and factories: Niti Aayog CEO

Ahmedabad: Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant on Saturday said that the Sun was India’s biggest asset and solar energy should be fully utilized in states like Gujarat for cleaner Electric vehicle (EV) as well as big manufacturing units. Addressing a joint conference on Sustainable Mobility: ‘A New Era of E-Mobility’ organized by Dholera Special Investment […]

NSEFI Representation to UP govt on uncertainty prevailing the UP