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Tata Power inaugurates grid-scale battery storage system

Tata Power inaugurates grid-scale battery storage system


The lithium-ion battery storage system has been installed at Tata Power Delhi Distribution’s Rohini substation.

Battery-based energy storage enables electricity to be stored and delivered within milliseconds, improving grid stability and enabling more energy to be captured and delivered on demand.

Tata Power said the 10MW/10MWh system, based on lithium-ion technology and owned by AES and Mitsubishi is the largest in South Asia.

The system will provide better reliability, peak load management and grid flexibility to more than two million customers.

Fluence, the technology provider joint venture (JV) formed by AES together with engineering company Siemens, supplied the battery system itself, based on the Advancion lithium-ion battery storage platform originally developed through the AES parent company.

Praveer Sinha, CEO and managing mirector of Tata Power said: “Tata Power’s collaboration with AES and Mitsubishi is one of the significant milestones in the Indian power sector.

“Grid-scale energy storage will pave the way for ancillary market services, power quality management, effective renewable integration and peak load management of Indian grids.”

The project marks a big step forward in the country, which faces an enormous target of 225GW in renewable generation by 2022. The country recently announced its plans to build the world’s largest solar farm, predicted to bring an additional 3GW of capacity online by 2023, however, it is predicted that an additional 46GW of peaking capacity will be required by 2027.

The storage system is considered to be a “pathfinder project” for the nation to demonstrate how battery storage can help with renewables integration by smoothing their output to the grid and provide critical flexibility during demand periods.

Source: smart-energy
Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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