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Tata Power’s Sanitation Drive benefits 6,700 households in FY16

Tata Power’s Sanitation Drive benefits 6,700 households in FY16


Tata power, India’s largest integrated power company, has been at the forefront for improving the quality of healthcare and standard of living of the communities living in and around its areas of operations. Taking this commitment forward, the Company provided 6,700 households across the country with access to proper sanitation facilities in FY 16, protecting the health of over 36,700 children against various diseases caused due to unhygienic living conditions. To optimise this sanitation drive, the Company undertook independent monitoring and impact assessment to collect feedback, refine, and realign the program so that the extent and effectiveness of the drive could be improved.

The Company worked with an aim to ensure that all families have access to sanitary toilets and that the communities are “open defecation free”. To ensure this, the Company engaged with the communities to facilitate effective behaviour change towards toilet use and hygiene practices. In line with the Government’s Swachh Bharat-Swachh Vidyalaya programme, the Company also created provisions of sanitation facilities for the community students living around its project sites. Speaking on this initiative, Mr. Anil Sardana, MD & CEO, Tata Power, said, “At Tata Power, we always endeavor to improve the quality of life of our communities through various activities. Through this initiative, we wish to promote the use of toilets amongst the local communities, and spread awareness about the necessity of maintaining sanitary hygiene.

We hope that through this initiative, we will be able to provide a healthy environment for people living around our project areas that would contribute to their welfare and wellbeing. Tata Power supports all efforts benefitting towards nation building and will strive to be a supportive partner consistently.” Tata Power, ever since its inception, has always implemented numerous initiatives for the upliftment of its surrounding communities. Through intensive efforts such as this, the Company aims to reach out to all its stakeholders for their development and bring about a positive change.

Anand Gupta Editor - EQ Int'l Media Network


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